Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga and its benefit

Yoga is a Indian philosophy introduced by Rishi PATANJALI. It was introduced in ancient India. Philosophy of yoga is a set of yogic asanas and breathing exercises which is performed in a definite ways and defined methods. Objective of yoga is to unite one’s wisdom and self to the almighty.

Origins of yoga:

Yoga is as old as Vedas it has its mentions in Rig Veda and also in the Darshans of Ayurveda a whole book is dedicated to yoga and its philosophy named  Yog Darshans written by Patanjali Muni . The main objective of yoga is to create a balance between mind, body and soul and to connect all of them with god. It is the oldest practice followed by the Rishis of ancient India to gain their internal power to control their senses and to connect with the almighty through dhyan or meditation. Which is known as ASHTANG YOG which will be discussed later in this article? Yoga is the culmination of yog asanas , breathing exercises and meditation . Right from its origin till today it is of immense use, it’s rich in its values and beneficial for the overall development and growth of body and mind.

Benefits of yoga

yoga has something for each and every part of body it has the power to balance the body in terms of weight , flexibility of bones and muscles , it takes in to account the food according to Ayurveda which improves the digestive system , respiratory system and intestine.

Benefits to mind and spiritual growth:

Yoga and its benefit

It is a well known saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body and yoga is the way to achieve this. In today’s scenario it is seen that people of all ages from childhood to old age all are suffering from some kind of diseases like blood pressure, hypertension, stress, depression, obesity and what not people of young age are suffering from malnutrition with obesity, the cause of all these are unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity. And to cure this we should adopt some lifestyle changes and yoga is one of them western countries have always been fascinated by Indian culture they are taking a deep interest in yoga so why not Indians.

We should dive in the deep and miraculous theory of yoga and practice it. Ashtang yog is a crucial part of yoga which contains eight elements namely Yam (model code of conduct) Niyam (personal discipline) Asana (body postures) Pranayama (breathing exercises) Pratyahara (control on senses) Dharna (concentration )Dhyana ( meditation) and Samadhi (salvation) . All these practices if done regularly can impact our brain and spiritual growth drastically. It has the power to control our senses and mind. it provide immense energy , relaxation of mind , improves our wisdom , concentration , inner power and will power .